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Global Marketplace Consulting Ltd. specializes in the digital transformation of your business through cutting edge concepts of e-marketing, e-business, multi-channel delivery models, big data, social media, the development of a digital factory and more. We have digital experts that collaborate with your team to implement and accelerate the innovation of technology within your business. We provide new insights and expertise outside tradition to drastically improve and simplify the customer’s experience in addition to having the capabilities to run Big Data analytics to provide you with all of the knowledge necessary to revamp your business. The development of a digital factory allows your business to capitalize digital capabilities, reduce time to market, connect with your customers in a more meaningful way than ever and reinforce a leading market position.

The company was founded in the year 2000 by Ido Levi.

Company Director
Ido Levi, CEO

idolevi@yahoo.com | Phone: +972522809827

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